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From: Callum Gibson (callum.gibson_at_aus.deuba.com)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 00:54:45 BST

If anyone feels game and has a clue on how to do it, a useful feature for
ups would be the ability to show the parameters to a function in a similar
manner to adb for binaries which haven't been compiled for debugging. I often
trace a core dump on production applications to try and diagnose the bug.
adb (on the sparc architecture, at least - this may not be possible on
other architectures because they don't have register windows for function
parameters) can show the parameters to a function in hex: e.g.

main(0x13e0b0,0x134400,0xeffffcf0,0x150060,0x0,0x0) + 33c

However, I find that ups will often give a much better backtrace of the
stack where adb will give up as soon as it hits a corrupt stack frame.

Additionally, Add Expr crashes ups if you try it on a non-debuggable binary.

If noone expresses any interest I may dig around and see how hard it would
be to do, however I'm sure there are others who have a better idea than me.

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