Re: UPS and infinite recursion

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 00:31:16 GMT

> ...........  This should not pose a problem.  So I don't
> think I can fully buy the argument that UPS is running
> out of allocateable system memory, unless one of my
> assumptions is wrong, and seriously wrong at that.  Any
> ideas on what the problem might be? 

The problem is that the stack pointer points to non-existant
memory.  Thus it is impossible to access the memory at the stack
pointer to see what the previous frame is.

> I'm curious about Terry Friedrichsen's note that "gdb(1)
> had no trouble with the core file."  So should I take this
> to mean that it was able to report meaningfully about the
> contents of the call stack, even when you started the
> program under gdb?

When I tried gdb on a program very similar to Bob's it did no better
than UPS.  Here is an edited transcript:

   >> gdb recurse
   (gdb) run
   Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
   recurse () at recurse.c:4
   (gdb) up
   Cannot access memory at address 0xef7ffd74.
   (gdb) bt
   #0  recurse () at recurse.c:4
   Cannot access memory at address 0xef7ffd74.

Russ Browne
Applied MicroSystems Corp.

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