Re: UPS and infinite recursion

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 01:18:15 GMT (Russell Browne) writes:

> > ...........  This should not pose a problem.  So I don't
> > think I can fully buy the argument that UPS is running
> > out of allocateable system memory, unless one of my
> > assumptions is wrong, and seriously wrong at that.  Any
> > ideas on what the problem might be? 
> The problem is that the stack pointer points to non-existant
> memory.  Thus it is impossible to access the memory at the stack
> pointer to see what the previous frame is.

Hm, so would it be a non-trivial task to somehow modify UPS
so that it recognizes this situation, and tries to see if
it can find the previous, valid call frame?  Maybe it could
somehow highlight the current call frame as illegal (since
it partially or fully occupies an illegal portion of memory)?


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