Ups Install Glitches

From: Teds Ups List (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 18:45:28 BST

I've run into a few install glitches in installing ups. I have fixed them by
editing the file, but the second and third should probably be fixed
by changing the file.

1. "make install" does not create the install directory. If the directory where
ups is to be installed does not exist, the install fails. Adding

	${INSTALL} -m 755 -o ${BINARY_OWNER} -s ${BINDIR}

just before the ups install line would solve the problem. The same applies to
the other installs in ups/ and med3/

Since I install ups in its own architecture-specific directory, ${BINDIR} will
often not exist.

2. The values of BINARY_OWNER, MANPAGE_OWNER and HEADER_OWNER are hardcoded as
bin, root and root, respectively. I don't want to install as "tools" rather
than as root, and I can't see anyway of configuring this. Ideally, I would like
to set the values as shell variables before calling configure. Alternatively,
just omit the ownership setting
altogether. They could still default to the current values.

3. The values of the file mode for all the installed files are hardcoded. They
happen to be the ones I want, but others may prefer different permissions (e.g.
555 for executables is common). Again, it would be nice if this was
configurable through the configure script (perhaps as a UPS_MODE, CX_MODE,
MANPAGE_MODE environment variables).

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