Re: Proselytizing UPS

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 23:53:29 GMT

> The debugger that my friend uses is a Sun product which
> "integrates" xemacs and xdbx with lots of extras so that
> you get a "source-based" debugger environment similar to
> what is available on PCs.  In particular, you can make
> changes in the code in the original source file and then
> click "run" and it will compile and link and run the
> executable under the debugger, maintaining the previous
> session's breakpoints.
> Quite frankly, I prefer the UPS approach.  Sure, you have
> to close the UPS session, recompile/link, then restart
> the debugger.  But you've also saved so much state information,
> plus whatever breakpoints you want, that you get the same
> result.  Also, if typing "make" doesn't give you the
> executable that you're looking for, then you're probably
> stuck with the Sun version.
> Ah well, he can be less productive if he wants.  B-)
> 				Bob

An item I omited from my list of good ups features is that
ups does not try to be an IDE ( Inhibited Developement Enviroment).
It does not provide its own clumsy editor to use in place of the
one you prefer, and it does not try to substitute its own idea of make
for one that works.


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