Re: Not all elements of a structure displayed?

From: J.W.Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 09:33:00 BST

On 09-May-00 Russell Browne wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a problem with UPS 3.35B6 (and Beta10). I have the following
>> structures  ....
> Hi James
> I've duplicated your problem and will investigate when I find some
> time, probably over the next day or so.
> I found that the problem seems to be specific to the gcc version 2.8;
> my test compiled with gcc version 2.7 or with the Sunpro C compiler
> debugged fine under ups.  Also, the problem does not appear when
> the declaration of "next" and prev" in  struct post_layer_s is changed to
>   struct post_layer_s* prev;
>   struct post_layer_s* next;
> Perhaps changing the declaration will give you a workaround while I
> investigate.

Hi Russ,
        Using struct post_layer_s * instead for post_layer_p does indeed work.
Unfortunatly we have adopted a standard which requires the use of the typedefs
(_p) so all linked lists/trees are defined this way. In the short term I'll
just change the strutcures I need to debug and changed them back later,
alternativly is there a way I can fool ups by typecasting? i.e (struct
post_layer_s *)layer->next?




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