Not all elements of a structure displayed?

From: J.W.Armstrong (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 12:51:18 BST

        I have a problem with UPS 3.35B6 (and Beta10). I have the following

typedef struct load_step_s load_step_t,*load_step_p;
typedef struct post_layer_s post_layer_t,*post_layer_p;

struct post_layer_s {
  load_step_p load_step; /* pointer to owning load step */
  string_t name;
  bool user_defined;
  bool on;

  post_update_display_p display_settings;

  int number_of_parts_in_layer;

  post_layer_transformation_p *transformation_lists;

  int repeats;
  post_layer_transformation_p repeat_transform;
  bool apply_repeat_transform_immediatly;

  flag_t *flip_normals;

  post_layer_display_list_p *display_list;

  post_layer_p prev;
  post_layer_p next;

struct load_step_s {
  post_layer_p layer_list;

when using ups. I cannot follow the post_layer_p linked list. Ups claims it has
no next field.

the routine has a variable load_step which is a load_step_p. I use the
following add exp

        add exp "load_step->layer_list->[0]next"

UPS gives and error "next is not a member of struct post_layer_s"

If you add exp "load_step->layer_list" it expands the structure but omits the
prev and next fields.

This effectivly stops me debugging the linked list.

If it is of any help Beta 6 did not display the layer_list entry when expanding
the load_step structure. Beta 10 does.




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