Re: UPS and GPL

From: Dibyendu Majumdar (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 00:40:26 GMT

Rod> I guess only Mark Russell can answer this. Years ago I tried to post
Rod> to a moderated gnu newsgroup and the moderator wanted to see the
Rod> description before posting. I sent him the information for ups, which
Rod> he said was not sufficent for a GPL - and he blocked the posting.

I would agree with the moderator - the UPS license can be interpreted to
mean that you can only use it for pleasure - not at work - because if you
used UPS at work you would no longer be using bits of it for your own use.

I write programs which I release via GPL. While I have not tried to make
money out of it, this does not imply my programs are not commercial - as
anyone who downloads them can sell them. I may want to sell them myself in

I do not think UPS is "Free Software" at the moment. Which is a pity :-(


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