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From: Callum Gibson (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 01:25:40 GMT

Dibyendu Majumdar writes:
}Many reasons. I would like to use the C Interpreter in UPS in my own
}projects (which are licensed via GPL) but I do not because of the current
}How do you define a commercial product ? What does it mean to 'copy bits of
}ups for your own use' ? I think the current license is ambiguous and can be
}interpreted in different ways.

Which file is that text in? I can only find the copyright message in the
top of the source code files:

 *  You can do what you like with this source code as long as
 *  you don't try to make money out of it and you include an
 *  unaltered copy of this message (including the copyright).

This is not as ambiguous as "commercial product", but not as liberal as the
GPL, in that it appears you can't take the source and incorporate it into a
piece of software which you then sell. You could take it (copyright in tact)
and use it in free software, however. And you can obviously use it in your
own workplace.

As Rod says, though, since Mark is the copyright holder only he could rerelease
the source under a GPL.


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