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From: Ian Edwards (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 09:48:34 GMT

On 06-Dec-00 Rod Armstrong wrote:
> I guess only Mark Russell can answer this. Years ago I tried to post
> something
> to a moderated gnu newsgroup and the moderator wanted to see the licence
> description before posting. I sent him the information for ups, which
> he said was not sufficent for a GPL - and he blocked the posting.

I had a private email discussion with Mark Russell on licensing earlier
this year.

1) The current license is not meant to prevent UPS being included on
   CD-ROMs of Linux, FreeBSD etc.

2) Releasing UPS under the GPL requires clearance from the other people
   who wrote parts of the software (e.g. the menu editor) and the
   University of Kent.


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