Re: UPS and GPL

From: Mark Russell (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 10:31:26 GMT

Hi - I'm entirely sympathetic to switching ups to the GPL, and I agree that 
the current `license' is unsatisfactory - in fact it was just something I made 
up to informally express the idea that the code was free for non-commercial 
use (things were less political then).

I promised to sort this out a while ago, but never got the time to do it.  I 
will try to move it up my TODO list.  It's not just a matter of me saying `I 
agree' - there are a few bits of code written by other people, and I probably 
need some sort of formal permission from my employers (the University of 
Kent). Since I can never seem to do anything without a deadline, please feel 
free to hassle me if nothing has happened in a couple of months.  I'll send 
some mail to the list when I've made the change.


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