re: ups/menudata.c

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 02:22:35 GMT

> > ... is it worth while to change med3 to quiet the warnings?
> Well, if it was just a matter of one or two warnings, I'd be inclined to say
> no.  But this generates *338* warnings, and the initializer lists are in ad-
> dition deceptive to the eye because of the NULL initialization of a long
> (well, it confused *me*, at any rate :-).
> For both of those reasons, my vote (assuming I get one) is "yes".
> Terry R. Friedrichsen

Fixing that aspect of med3 proved to be pretty easy, and prompted me
to fix some other long standing gripes.  Med3 (my version) now outputs
readable data!


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