re: dynamic libraries etc

From: Terry R. Friedrichsen (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 13:56:21 GMT

Rod wrote:

> the target will stop when it links in the dynamic libraries. Rather
> than deactivate this option unless the target has already been
> started, try this fix in ups/exec.c

This fix worked just fine for me under RH Linux 7.0 and egcs 2.96.

> Re the parse_number crash, try a simple fix such as this at line 631:

I opted for the test that included the compiler type, on the theory that
it would then remain possible to catch other compilers that needed the
same trick.

And this fix worked, too.

I had not grokked the code sufficiently yet to realize that I needed to
use bump_str(), so my own attempt to skip the semicolon lost big.  I ap-
preciate the time you took to solve these two problems.


Terry R. Friedrichsen

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