dynamic libraries revisited

From: Terry R. Friedrichsen (terry_at_uplift.sunquest.com)
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 14:33:28 GMT

Rod asked:

> Another thing: when stopped at _dl_debug_state() in your stack example,
> can you expand any of the dl functions that have a filename entry? 
> This will show whether teh function has debug symbols or not.

Not certain exactly what you mean by that - they *all* have a filename
entry.  However, there is no actual source file on disk for any of them.

On a possibly related note, expanding the "Source files" gets me roughly
10 million entries (as a conservative estimate :-), listing every C run-time
library function known to man (and a few that are only known to space aliens).

Somewhere in that list, virtually impossible to find, are the 23 actual source
files I'm trying to debug :-).  None of the other 9,999,977 source files ac-
tually exist.

Any way to get ups to *ignore* all those bogus non-existent source files and
concentrate its attention on the ones I actually wrote myself?


Terry R. Friedrichsen


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