UPS crashes at runtime

From: Tom (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 00:21:08 BST

Please respond directly to as I am not un the
mailing list.

This is an 'updated' report of the same problem I reported earlier
today, and I may have missed a key item - i.e. the exact message when
the UPS debugger crashed:

[tom_at_monster waveproc]$ ups readwave -a train.wav
Warning:  sizeof(bool) inconsistent across compile modules!
	  This may be caused by compiling with different versions of g++.
	  (You may suppress this warning by setting the environment
Fatal internal error: bad number in parse_num (aborting) ...
Dumping core ... Aborted

The rest of the original message read:
I downloaded and built the UPS debugger from the source code on MANDRAKE
8.0 release of Linux.  There was 2 problems in formf.c with the compiler
complaining about passing a 'short' to va_args, so I changed this to
'int' rather than 'short' - which may not be the correct thing to do,
but it got past the compiler issue.

Now when I run the debugger, it starts out fine, but crashes when I try
to examine any variables in the program.

Have you seen this problem before, or am I breaking new ground here?
Another item that may be relevant is the fact that this version of Linux
is now using the new kernel - I'm not sure if that is of any
significance or not.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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