Re: Problems reading breakpoints for overloaded functions

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 20:44:30 BST

(I think my last message was empty)

	You can try this simple fix. For 3.37-beta2, in ups/obj_bpt.c, 
change line 369 to:

		    (f = name_and_fil_to_func(funcname, fil, FALSE)) == NULL) {

and in the same file, change line 290 to:

	fprintf(fp, "breakpoint \"%s\"", f->fu_name);

This simply means that for breakpoints, the state file reads and writes
mangled names rather than demangled names. The larger issue is that
when dealing with function names, ups uses the demangled names in most
cases. Hence the function variables in the state file won't be 
found in the scenario described because they use the demangled names. 
meyabe I can sort this out properly at some point.


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