ups with mozilla?

From: Eric Ding (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 19:59:23 BST

Hi all,

I've used ups on and off since I was working years ago in the same group
as Rod Armstrong.  :)  Thanks for all the good work!

I've found recently, however, that ups isn't happy being used with
mozilla.  I'm using ups 3.37beta2 and mozilla on linux (glibc
2.1.3, egcs 2.91.66), but I'm sure there are examples.  When I start
things up, it gets to a certain point in code at which sigsuspend is
caught (when a new thread is being created).  When I hit continue, ups
just starts sucking CPU and things on my screen start freezing.  I can
login remotely and kill ups, but that sorta makes my debugging sessions
less than fruitful.  :)

Is ups compatible with multi-threaded Linux applications?

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