Re: ups with mozilla?

From: Callum Gibson (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 00:41:37 BST writes:
}I've found recently, however, that ups isn't happy being used with
}mozilla.  I'm using ups 3.37beta2 and mozilla on linux (glibc

We've found ups not too happy on Linux (2.4.X kernel) in any case. It
seems to eat lots of network load when the program is in run mode. Don't
know if this is ups's problem or some peculiarity with poll or Xt event

}2.1.3, egcs 2.91.66), but I'm sure there are examples.  When I start
}things up, it gets to a certain point in code at which sigsuspend is
}caught (when a new thread is being created).  When I hit continue, ups
}just starts sucking CPU and things on my screen start freezing.  I can
}login remotely and kill ups, but that sorta makes my debugging sessions
}less than fruitful.  :)
}Is ups compatible with multi-threaded Linux applications?

It definitely works fine on Solaris with multi-thread apps (apart from the
lack of thread-specific debugging functionality).

One thing which comes to mind is to check the settings in the Signals
section. You may be blocking certain signals which the linux threads
library uses for scheduling, etc. I got a Signal 32 which ups didn't
even know about when I started the app. Under Solaris I don't think the O/S
lets you block thread signals. Apart from that, the Linux thread
implementation seems pretty ordinary. Unless you're really pressed I
just wouldn't do it.

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