Overstrike mode for key driven ups?

From: William F. Dowling (william.dowling_at_isinet.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 19:23:13 BST

My opinion only: this proposal is quite complex from the point of UI
design (modes always are).  A user not expecting typing modes would be
surprised if he unwittingly found himself in overstrike mode.  I know
there is a certain current in this conversation pointing to "no mouse
at all", but I would prefer a mouse-over to a button region, then true
one keystroke commands (s (no <ret> required) for step, etc.), to this
proposal.  Mouselessly: <ctrl><tab> to bring focus to typing area,
<tab> to move focus to other regions.  I understand that implementing
this might be difficult, but you asked ...



Rod Armstrong writes:
 > 1. ^o would toggle between the insert mode with the vertical cursor between
 >    letters, to the overstike mode with a horizontal line under a letter.
 > 2. A command would still require a RET or ESC to be processed, so hitting
 >    RET repeats the current command.
 > 3. To do a series of nexts, you would type !n in the default insert mode
 >    then ^o to switch to overstrike mode. Each press of RET would repeat the 
 >    command
 > 4. To change to a step, press s then RET.
 > 5. To enter a mutli letter command, you could toggle back to the insert mode
 >    to get automatic cursor advance, or alternatively stay in the overstrike
 >    mode and manually advance the cursor.

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