Overstrike mode for key driven ups?

From: Rod Armstrong (rod_at_san-jose.tt.slb.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 18:47:20 BST

	I was hoping for more feedback from users about the keyboard
driven ideas, but there's been nothing for a week. I was wondering about a 
an overstrike typing line mode that would supplement Russ's ! idea.
In the overstrike mode, characters entered would overwrite the
current character, but not move the cursor - only ^f, ^b, delete or an arrow 
key would do that. It would work something like this:

1. ^o would toggle between the insert mode with the vertical cursor between
   letters, to the overstike mode with a horizontal line under a letter.
2. A command would still require a RET or ESC to be processed, so hitting
   RET repeats the current command.
3. To do a series of nexts, you would type !n in the default insert mode
   then ^o to switch to overstrike mode. Each press of RET would repeat the 
4. To change to a step, press s then RET.
5. To enter a mutli letter command, you could toggle back to the insert mode
   to get automatic cursor advance, or alternatively stay in the overstrike
   mode and manually advance the cursor. So if !su did a scroll up for instance,
   and you were in overstrike mode with !n as the command, you would
   enter s, ^f, u to make the line !su. 


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