re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: Terry R. Friedrichsen (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 13:09:31 BST

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    Flemming Madsen <> writes:
    >> One thing that hasn't been suggested is to use the keypad keys, a la the
    >> way some text editors work.
    > This way too strange in my opinion.
    Really?  I guess it depends on what you're used to ...
    I've been primarily a user of DEC systems in my career (not through any real
    conscious choice; it's just rather worked out that way), and it's a common
    theme in DEC software to have a "keypad mode" in which the keypad functions
    as a set of easy-to-use function keys.  Text editors, word processors, and
    even debuggers do this ...
    And remember, keypad "0" is a different key than top-row "0", so the top-row
    keys are still available for numeric inputs.
    Personally, I find the keypad more ergonometric than the row of function keys
    for tasks like this.
    On the downside, there are folks who defensibly regard *anything* that takes
    their hands away from the home-row keys as a detriment.
    But one of the beauties of X is that, once key assignments are made, they're
    trivially easy to change.  It would be possible to have sets of key bindings
    for the "control key" crowd, the "function key" crowd, and the "keypad mode"
    crowd.  And they wouldn't even need to be mutually exclusive!
    Having said all of this, I do also like the idea of having the "e" key do an
    expand, and having page up/down work, to take particular examples.
    As a merely occasional user of ups, though, I'm only here offering sugges-
    tions, not making requests.  As long as it compiles cleanly and works on
    FreeBSD and Linux, my needs are met!
    Terry R. Friedrichsen

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