Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: John Utz (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 23:49:38 BST

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    On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Rod Armstrong wrote:
    > John's suggestion of controlling ups via the keyboard is probably a good
    > idea.
    glad you like it!
    > There are several approaches. Currently the command line has keyboard
    > focus unless one is editing in the display or output windows. Perhaps if
    > the mouse is over the central target region (next, step etc), keyboard
    > input could be processed by those buttons.
    this was what i was thinking, but your thoughts have given me another idea
    > Alternatively it could be anywhere outside the typing line, but this
    > would be more restrictive - it's sometimes nice to select a string in
    > the display or output windows and paste it into the typing line for a
    > search for instance, without having to move the mouse there.
    hmm, that gives me more to think about
    my current thought would be that the ups window could have regions that
    one could tab to and the kbd behavior would be potentially dependent on
    which one it was in at the time.
    > Not sure if the proposed behaviour would best be fixed, controlled by
    > a widget, typing line command, or X resource.
    hmm. resource seems best, but then, maybe not :-) what if you wanted this
    to work on a non-X box with ncurses?
    seems like a .upsrc sort of thing.....
    > As an aside, I noticed that the old command line mode has been broken for
    > some time ( ups ups -a ups -nowindow -replay -), though this would be
    > easy to fix. It's not really relevent to this though.
    > Rod
    John L. Utz III
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