Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: Callum Gibson (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 00:57:59 BST

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    }John's suggestion of controlling ups via the keyboard is probably
    }a good idea. There are several approaches. Currently the command
    }line has keyboard focus unless one is editing in the display or
    }output windows. Perhaps if the mouse is over the central target
    }region (next, step etc), keyboard input could be processed by those
    }buttons. Alternatively it could be anywhere outside the typing line, but
    }this would be more restrictive - it's sometimes nice to select a string
    }in the display or output windows and paste it into the typing line for
    }a search for instance, without having to move the mouse there. Not sure
    }if the proposed behaviour would best be fixed, controlled by a widget,
    }typing line command, or X resource.
    Can I suggest we avoid doing anything that requires moving the mouse (since
    we already have buttons for people who like to use mice). It would be far
    better to use the letters as John suggests but perhaps in combination with
    a meta key. We already use ^Y for paste I think. ^S for step, ^Q for quit
    ^N for next, etc, would be a worthy addition and is unlikely to clash with
    anyone's window manager hot keys.
    }As an aside, I noticed that the old command line mode has been broken for 
    }some time ( ups ups -a ups -nowindow -replay -), though this would be 
    }easy to fix. It's not really relevent to this though.
    Hmm, didn't know about that one. There's always a ups feature you don't
    know about... :-)
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