Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: John Utz (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 02:32:15 BST

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    On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Callum Gibson wrote:
    > writes:
    > }oh, i am sorry i missed these. are they available when the cursor is in
    > }the src window?
    > The text just goes into the little typing window at the top which always
    > has the focus. I assume you mean "mouse pointer" by "cursor" above?
    > }my one irrational huge objection is the need to push any sort of meta key,
    > }gotta be the straight key!
    > Everyone has their "button" (no pun intended). So is a % prefix acceptable?
    for me? no. but it's probably fine for everybody else. :-)
    > It has to be something like this, because a straight word means ups tries
    > to display the function or variable of that name.
    hmm. that buggeth me mightily. my druthers would be to make the 'display
    this thing' command require the specialized keys because my extensive
    debugging experience has consisted of stepping thru code one line at a
    time **way** more that i did anything else. so i'd optimize for the common
    that might have been simply due to the fact that i am unimaginative :-)
    > }oh, duh, i forgot about the M$FT model. use the func keys?
    > You could do this with UPS_F?_STR environment variables (see the manpage).
    > You'd need the % shortcuts first though...
    > }> We could extend them to do other common functions. How about:
    > }>
    > }> %n	Next
    > }> %s	Step
    > }> %c	Continue
    > }> %r	Run (Start)
    > }> %e	Expand
    > }> %q	quit
    > }> %u	up
    > }> %v	down (d already used, see below)
    > So are these okay?
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