Re: Is thread support available under Linux 2.2.14?

Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 08:44:42 GMT writes:
}See the discussion on the list a year or two ago.

I've been on the list for <mumble> years but can't say I recall it. Is this
list even archived?

}The current license is rather unclear and I'm not even sure I'm allowed to use
}ups in the way I do (to debug sometimes commercial projects) 

Just says you can do anything except make money from it. Yeah, it's not
in legalese, but I think we all know what it means. I don't think Mark is
going to take anyone to court over it. I don't see why you couldn't use it
to debug commercial projects - to me it clearly says you can't use the _code_
to make money.

}It e.g. also doesn't allow it to put it on compilation cd roms, making
}ups available to an wider audience. 

Not necessarily, if you're charging for the media or the other software

}I'm not at all attached to the GPL for this, just would like one of the
}common free software licenses (BSD, GPL, MPL, ...?), which are well understood 
}and spell out the user's rights clearly. GPL seems fitting though. 

The existing one is neither GPL nor BSD is it? In fact it's similar to one I
used all those many years ago for clam (c1988-9). Any Minix fans on the list
remember that?

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