UPS 3.37-beta5 available

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 02:10:39 BST

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    UPS 3.37-beta5 is now available on the web site:
    Thanks for Tom Hughes again for providing the bulk of the new features.
    Please test it and provide feedback. After any fixes are made, I'ld like
    to release this as the 3.37.
    Rod Armstrong
    Changes between 3.37-beta5 and 3.37-beta4
    Enhancements from Tom Hughes <>:
    o  The stack and breakpoint listings show object names if source
       file names aren't available.
    o  Added watchpoints for x86 machines. They support both real x86 
       hardware watchpoints (where possible) and use of mprotect() to 
       implement watchpoints when that fails. They can be made visible
       on other architectures by using the WantWatchpoints X resource.
       Watchpoints work in some cases on Solaris, but not reliably. 
       If ups moves to the new procfs interface, we could use
       better method provided by the Sun kernel watchpoints.
    o  On machines using ptrace, ups blocks correctly now. It uses
       sigsetjmp() and siglongjmp(). Also added code to fix a problem with 
       some X servers that was revealed once it was blocking properly - 
       some X server and/or window managers send us synthetic events that 
       looked like the special end of events event we send ourselves.
    o  Fixed some problems with preamble decoding on x86 machines - some 
       tail call optimised routines would confuse it completely and it got 
       the minimum breakpoint address wrong most of the time.
    o  Reloading of shared objects which change work properly now. It 
       ensures that only objects which change are reloaded and that we only 
       load each object once at startup instead of twice. It also migrates 
       everything to the new symbol table and discards the old one which 
       fixes all sorts of prolems including memory and file descriptor 
       leaks and the tendency of breakspoints to not appear in the source 
       display after a reload.
    o  Vastly improved handling of long long types in expressions. It 
       should also improve long double a bit.
    o  A bug fix for my previous patch to add frameless stack tracing on x86.
    o  If the ReverseArrows X resource is set, ups reverses the sense of 
       the up and down arrows which are used in an expression or variable index.
    o  The address-of and dereference buttons work for expressions as well 
       as variables. This allows one to pick out components of an expression
       from the command line, just as one does with variables.
    o  The start button morphs into a restart button if the target is running 
       so that you don't need to kill it and then start it - this has the same 
       confirmation protection as the kill button.
    o  File descriptors open on startup now remain open in the target process.
    Changes from Rod Armstrong <>:
    o  One can direct ups to use its own colormap rather than use
       the default colormap. Use this if ups complains that it failed to 
       allocate some colors. This is a particular problem if one uses
       netscape 6 on an 8 bit frame buffer machine, as netscape assumes 24 bit 
       color and corrupts the default colormap. Set the WantInstalledColormap 
       X resource to "yes" if you want ups to use its own colormap. The 
       command line options of -install or -noinstall can also be used.
    o  Fixes for editing of long breakpoint names: names are left justified
       rather than right, so the edit point matches the text. Overflow
       dots are shown at the right. Both breakpoint and object names
       resize as the window width changes.
    Changes from Ian Edwards <ian_at_concerto,>
    o  Fix for the double underscore that GNU f77 appends to Fortan 
       symbol names.
    o  Fixes for watchpoints on FreeBSD.
    o  Changes to the Fortran stuff in the 'tests' directory.

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