Re: UPS 3.37-beta5 available - feedback with fortran on linux

From: Satish Balay (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 05:48:26 BST

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    I just tried it from fortran on linux -
    redhat 7.2 linux - with gcc/g77 3.04 compilers.
    Debugging fortran works when the sourcefile is .f - but if the
    sourcefile is renamed .F - which is preprocessed fortran (with
    c-preprocessing) - things break down.
    1. It can't find the main routine (typing in MAIN__ does bring up the
    main code)
    2. Cliking on variables - which are uppercase (in the source) doesn't
    work.  The same variable - if it is in lowercase - does show the
    In the features category for fortran - it would be nice - if clicking
    on a subroutine/function works (i.e taking it to the implementation of
    the routine) - for both the cases when the subroutine is implemented
    in fortran or in C.

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