Re: Debugging a threads executable under Redhat Linux

Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 01:07:00 BST

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    }Although this is probably not of general mailing-list
    }interest (and so you can email me directly if you want),
    Nah, this is a low-volume list and noone should reject a free education.
    }I was wondering if you could explain what "userland"
    }means.  Or is there a good web site where I can read up
    }on this?
    "userland" as opposed to "in the kernel". ie, the threads run as part of
    your user process. In this sort of implementation you have each thread
    run for a time slice and swap between them with a timer of some sort.
    In a kernel-supported implementation your time slices are managed by the
    kernel scheduler. That's the reason the Linux implementation uses separate
    processes (albeit a special kind of separate process) - it can use the
    kernel to schedule the running of the "threads". The Solaris method is
    more complicated but boils down to the fact that a non-multithreaded on
    Solaris is treated as a process with a single thread. ie. the threads
    are the things that can be scheduled, rather than whole processes (which
    may contain one or more threads). FreeBSD is moving towards a similar
    idea with the KSE project which should surface in the 5.x series.
    }> c) Debugger support could be provided (on platforms where it makes sense)
    }> by use of something like solaris' libthread_db (I think linux has this
    }> too). If someone added support for libthread_db on those platforms that
    }> have it, it would be a bonus. It would also isolate linux folk from
    }> changes in the implementation (in theory).
    }Under the 2.2.14 kernel, there is a libthread_db library.
    }It is version 1 (i.e. the library file is
    }Does that help?
    Sorry, I meant "added support to ups for libthread_db". Linux has no
    manpages I can find, however one could assume it's a Solaris work-alike
    (see td_init(3T)). From the (Solaris) manpage:
         The most commonly anticipated use for libthread_db  is  that
         the  controlling  process  will  be  a  debugger  for a mul-
         tithreaded program, hence the "db" in libthread_db.
    So some enterprising young programmer could provide support for Solaris
    and Linux platforms, at least.
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