Re: Debugging a threads executable under Redhat Linux

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 05:41:58 BST

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    > It's worth noting, for those who may not know, that the linux threads
    > implementation is not POSIX compliant. According to POSIX, separate
    > threads should not have separate PIDs, they are all part of the same
    > process. Of course, in a userland thread implementation (such as *BSD)
    > you have to get this.
    Although this is probably not of general mailing-list
    interest (and so you can email me directly if you want),
    I was wondering if you could explain what "userland"
    means.  Or is there a good web site where I can read up
    on this?
    > c) Debugger support could be provided (on platforms where it makes sense)
    > by use of something like solaris' libthread_db (I think linux has this
    > too). If someone added support for libthread_db on those platforms that
    > have it, it would be a bonus. It would also isolate linux folk from changes
    > in the implementation (in theory).
    Under the 2.2.14 kernel, there is a libthread_db library.
    It is version 1 (i.e. the library file is
    Does that help?

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