Mangled symbols in C++ with SUN Forte 6.0

From: Flemming Madsen (
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 09:47:10 GMT

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    Hi All
    I am having some trouble with viewing struct/class members in modules that
    is compiled with the Forte 6.0 C++ compiler.
    All members will have some bogus prefix like Cc[A-Z]<Original Name>
    fi. like in the following:
              struct EpsRipStruct <EpsGlobals{0}>               *0xffbeb0d0
                 int <CcDClr>                       0
                 nEFILE *<CcFFpOpi>                 0x101cb0
                 int <CcFDebug>                     0
                 int <CcIChkLevel>                  -4
                 struct PSHeader <CcKPSHeadInfo>    *0xffbeb0e0
                 char <CcHMmapPtr{0}>               *NULL
                 long <CcIMmapSize>                 0
    Note that the variable itself is OK.
    Is there some simple advice on how to proceed if I were to look
    into the ups source to fix this?
    Also sometimes the auto variables are not recognized as can be seen in
    the attached screenshot. This is right after hitting <Expand>
    on the function name. Any hints?


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