Re: Mangled symbols in C++ with SUN Forte 6.0

From: Flemming Madsen (
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 12:39:39 GMT

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    Thanks. That solved the most annoying of my problems:
    We have many .c files that are compiled with CC because
    they are mainly ordinary C files but with some C++ constructs
    brought in through includes etc.
    Is it possible to do some heuristics on the contents of
    a module instead of the name. I shall me more than happy to
    do the actual coding.
    So now my auto variables are back. Thanks!
    However the three char prefix on members remain. Unfortunately
    dump -sv does not seem to work for me.  Maybe the options are
    different on my version of dump.
    What are the sematics of those switches on your system?
    On mine they are
      -s: Dumps section contents in hexadecimal
      -v: Dumps information in  symbolic  representation
    Unfortunately i get no "mode:" strings anywhere in the dump
    Ian Edwards wrote:
    > Hello Flemming,
    > Some ideas :
    > Is the problem with just one program ?
    > Is the source code C or C++ ?  Is it compiled as C or C++ ?
    > Though you can get any extension through the compiler, UPS does use the
    > extension to decide whether it has C or C++.
    > Try the program in 'dbx' to see if you get the same result.
    > Try UPS with the '-nodemangle' option to see what, if any, difference
    > it makes.
    > Run the command "dump -sv  program" saving the output.  At the botton of
    > the file is the debugging info that UPS reads - lots of lines like
    > "mode:p(0,3)".  There should be a line starting "EpsRipStruct:" then a
    > "t" or "T" and a listing of the structure members.  The names should be
    > OK there.  (If you are using C++ try adding the '-C' option to "dump").
    > Regards,
    > Ian.

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