fortran trouble

From: Sparks, Jamie (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 17:34:24 GMT

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    Hello all,
      I have a nagging fortran problem with ups and I'm not
      sure how to solve it.  I've checked the mailling list
      archives and didn't see anything relevant.
      I'm running red hat 7.1 in a virtual machine with gcc 2.96
      and f77 0.5.  I try to debug a program I'm porting from the
      sgi and it just hangs indefinitely, with the following
    Can't read r_debug structure from ./fred2wv
      where 'fred2wv' is my executable.
      I did compile it with '-g' and I have to type 'MAIN'
      in the top window to get the code to appear in ups...
      Any ideas?
      thank you,

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