ups not stepping into a function

From: Sparks, Jamie (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 21:12:56 GMT

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      I'm trying to debug some c++ code and I don't seem to be able to step
      into a function call:
      return (TARGMODP)(new TargetModules<stdTerrain>, SamplePenUsingDb<stdTerrain>,NoDamage<stdTerrain> > ());
      The error is in the function somewhere and I can only get to the
      statement after this call.
      The function is defined in a header file co-resident with the source.
      I can include it if anyone needs it.
      One solution I thought of was to put a break point in the source where
      I'm getting the error, but I don't know how to get ups to open a
      source file that control never reaches.  The help says to click on
      the 'Source Files' header in the display, but there is no such display
      on mine, only 'Source'.  Clicking on that does nothing.
      I'm running 3.3.7 on Redhat Linux 7.2.

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