ups on Solaris

Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 15:05:37 BST

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    I am a big fan of UPS and have been using it since the late 80's. 
    Recently I upgraded my compilers on Solaris 8 to gcc 3.2.1 and Sun One 
    7.0.  These broke my current version of ups.
    So, I compiled 3.38beta1 of ups.  When I debug an executable compiled 
    with gcc, I get a whole bunch of messages like the following:
    unmatched N_BINCL symbol in ../fdebug.SOLARIS/simic (delayp.c)
    If I try the same program using Sun One, I get messages like:
    ../fdebug.SOLARIS/simic stab.index symbol #2086: unknown type 132
    The debugger seems to work, but has anyone else seen this problem? 
    Anyone working on a fix?

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