Re: UPS problem on RedHat 8.0

From: Tom Hughes (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 12:55:41 BST

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            Suleyman Karabuk <> wrote:
    > I compiled a very simple Hello World program with gcc version 3.2 and
    > -gstabs option. I invoke ups, works fine, insert a breakpoint and start,
    > works fine. Then I click on the variable that I want to watch, ups
    > terminates and says:
    > Fatal internal error: symno botch in fs (aborting) ...
    > Dumping core ... Aborted
    What version of ups you were using when you got this? The test
    program you sent me seems to run fine with the current CVS version
    of ups.
    > I tried version 3.38 beta1 but that does not even start, it says:
    > DWARF error :  dwarf_attr - no entry (DIE <3042><11>)
    > DWARF error : attribute form not string - OK (DIE <3042><11>)
    > Fatal error: segmentation fault.
    > Dumping core ... Segmentation fault
    I just had a look at this, and it's a problem that I fixed a while
    ago so if you build from CVS instead of the current beta then this
    problem should be resolved.
    One thing I would point out is that compiling -gstabs on a RH8 is 
    a bad idea because the run time startup code that is linked in when
    you link the program has DWARF debugging which causes ups to ignore
    the stabs data so you won't actually be able to debug the program
    even though ups doesn't crash.
    Tom Hughes (
    Software Engineer, Cyberscience Corporation

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