Re: Bit field issues in Solaris 2.8

From: Tom Hughes (
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 07:01:46 BST

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              Callum Gibson <> wrote:
    > On FreeBSD display/edit works fine. On Solaris, it displays zeroes and
    > just gobbles up all values when edited. However, the edited values are
    > stored because the printf shows correctly what was entered. This looks like
    > a problem that was introduced in 3.38b1 (our previous Solaris version was
    > 3.37) on Solaris (2.6 - the original poster was on 2.8). Perhaps an endian
    > problem?
    I suspect so, as I already told Steve. He says it is broken in 3.37 as
    well though, and my tests on Solaris tend to agree. I will try and look
    at this soon.
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